Ever noticed why deodorants don’t last all day anymore? Know Here

Remember when we dress up and wear our deodorants in the hope that it would last long but in reality it doesn’t when it is highly supposed to. Ever wondered why that happens? Wondered why deodorants don’t last long even when they are promised to?

It is quite frustrating when the effects of our deodorants start to wear off. Previously we didn’t require keeping on pushing the deodorant on us and a one-time would have been all-over. Then suddenly what changed? Why do we need to carry bags of deodorants supply and keep spraying every now and then? And why when it is supposed to last for 8 hours ends up only 45 minutes? The answer to all is available here.

The reason why Deodorants don’t last all-day

Body Immunity

The design and techniques available in our body force it to build immunity against any form of chemicals, even those of which are present inside of our body. Our deodorants use ingredients such as aluminum to stop sweat or alcohol to mask the Body odor. Over a period of time, the body starts to build up a tolerance to these chemicals. The more we have applied deodorants over the past, the more we will need to reapply to keep the counterproductive impact on. Also, these chemicals also contribute to why our sweat stinks.

When the skin is wet, it doesn’t absorb any product easily and that counts for deodorant as well. Many of us tend to apply deodorants just after a shower and hence it might not work as per our body mechanism.

Applying right before leaving the house

Similar to applying the deodorant right after a shower, applying it just before leaving home in the morning or for a party or a date might not work as well and could be the reason why it is not lasting.

When we are applying the deodorant right before heading out of the home, we are not giving the chemical formula enough time to absorb into your underarms and leave them feeling fresh. Instead, try applying the formula in the night.

To make the best of out of your deodorant, it is imperative to know how it functions and why it wears off in the first place. Now that you have gotten to know with a couple of life hacks, you can feel good and have a wonderful day ahead of you smelling fresh.

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