Check how many times you should apply deodorants

Summer has arrived and many of us would find a bottle of deodorant always with us in our bags wherever we go, to work or to college or anywhere else. And wherever we see fit or have the adverse effect of sweat, we pop some on us. But do you know how many times you should apply the deodorant? What are the ideal numbers? If you don’t, this article is made to enlighten you about the best usage of your deodorant.

The answer to this depends on your body type as well as the type of deodorant you have been using. Check out the simple solution here –

Depends on your perspiration level

The perspiration level of your body depends on various aspects – exercise frequency, genetics, body weight, gender, and some other inbuilt factors. Some studies suggest that the more you exercise, the more you are likely to sweat. If you are a super fit athlete, therefore you might need to apply more deodorant. Secondly, genetics and hereditary play a role as well as the distribution of sweat glands which is determined by your DNA can impact how much you sweat. Larger the size of the person, the more they sweat and it has nothing to do with the fitness or body fat. It happens because a larger body (height or weight) requires more energy to move therefore pushing the body for more sweat. Lastly, gender plays a role as well. Gents sweat more than ladies.

So, fit athletic body types, large body types, genetically more sweating people, and gents need to apply more deodorant.

The type of your deodorant matters as well

The ingredients of the deodorant determine how long their application can last. If the deodorants contain aluminum and parabens, they are more likely to dissipate quickly. You would find most of the deodorants that cost a little less having these chemicals in them but it is not about the cost at any point. Sometimes, a product is cheap because they have used cheap fillers and promised more and therefore you must remain vigilant of that. In best cases, they will wear off quickly but in the worst case, they might even impact your skin as well.

Lavilin is the Deodorant you have been looking for

Lavilin is the deodorant for people who generally hate putting on deodorants or don’t like applying more often. It has a simple solution for any form of body type – the 72-hour Roll-on Deodorant which is made from ingredients such as milk protein and flowers and the best part, it needs to be applied only every three days making it an excellent option for athletes or conscious people or those who are sweaty.


So, choices impact the personality and your body deserves the best of choices. Bring home Lavilin and forget about harmful chemicals stopping your body’s natural process or harming your skin and make it an experience worth remembering.

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