Detoxification of body and mind

Embark in a wellness journey by enrolling for an immunity boost retreat that offers detoxification of body and mind. Detoxification helps the body in elimination of harmful toxins, improving immune system functioning and promoting overall wellness. Most detox treatments work towards removing toxins from the excretory organs such as the lungs, liver, large intestine, skin and the lymphatic system. 

Some of the popular detox treatments include: 

Detoxification of Respiratory System: Pranayama and Yogic Kriya are effective methods of detoxification of respiratory system. Breathing fresh air in the natural environment is good for respiratory organs as well as the skin and immune system. 

Detoxification of Digestive System: Popular methods used for detoxification of digestive system include Enema, Hydrotherapy, and Manipulative Therapy for muscular detoxification and strengthening. 

Detoxification of Kidneys: Kidneys are vital to the healthy functioning of human body. Detoxification treatments for kidneys include Immersion Bath, Steam Bath, and other Hydrotherapies that are effective in eliminating kidney pain. 

Detoxification of Skin: Sweating removes toxins from the body through pores in skin. Detoxification treatments for skin includes Steam Bath, Ozone Sauna, Infrared Sauna, and Hydrotherapies. 

A strong immune system is about optimum health and overall wellness attained through balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. So, boost your immunity by fortifying your body with essential nutrients to fight infections and superbugs. And adopt healthy practices to develop a quick and efficient immune response system. 

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