Experience the positive benefits of earthing.

Types of Earthing  

Earthing reconnects you to the earth, either directly or indirectly. Here are few ways to experience the positive benefits of earthing. 

Barefoot earthing – Walking barefoot on the earth wherever it’s safe, without inflicting injury to the feet or toes, is the best earthing therapy. The ground provides earthing energy when the skin touches the natural earth, enhancing your health and overall wellness. The practice of walking on grassy patches in parks, in the beachside or in muddy areas without shoes allows free flow of electrons between the earth and your body that neutralizes free radicals.  

Sleeping grounded – Lying on the ground increases the skin’s contact with earth, enabling free flow of radical-reducing electrons from the ground to the body. Sleeping without mats or plastic sheets while camping out amidst nature helps in maximising the benefits. Experience the positive effects of the earth’s natural negative charge on your body by lying on the beach or on grassy parks.  

Swimming in natural waterbodies  Even oceans and lakes provide grounding energy (like the physical earth) allowing free flow of electrons. Wading through the waters of a clear lake or swimming in ocean (safely) is a great option to experience the earth’s natural energy.  

Other ways – Barehand gardening connects you to the earth’s natural energy as the skin touches soil. Hugging a live tree or leaning against a live tree also provides grounding energy. Various studies have revealed that trees have a unique vibration and are rooted to the earth; So when people hug or lean on a tree, they experience grounded energy. 

Grounding equipment – Earthing therapy works best outdoors, but some people may not be able to venture out daily due to health conditions or time constraint. Grounding equipment that can be used indoors are available for such people, allowing them a daily dose of earthing therapy. Grounding mats, grounding sheets & blankets, grounding socks and grounding bands can be effectively used to get earthing energy at home. Indoor earthing products can be easily setup and used indoor while working at the computer, sleeping, meditating or while watching TV. 

Explore the healing energy of the earth by walking barefoot, immersing yourself in water or leaning against a tree, and feel the difference in levels of stress, pain, inflammation & other bodily discomforts. By reconnecting with the earth’s natural energy, the body can repair & heal itself, maintaining good health by countering the damages causes by years of unhealthy lifestyle.  

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